Cicis Launches New Mike’s Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza And Wings


Cicis is teaming up with Mike’s Hot Honey for the creation of two new, limited time menu items – Mike’s Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza and Mike’s Hot Honey Wings – drizzled with the hot honey brand’s signature chili pepper-infused honey.

Mike’s Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza features a traditional crust brushed with garlic butter and topped with creamy Alfredo sauce, 100 percent real cheese and pepperoni, finished off with a drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey sauce.

Mike’s Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza is available on buffets nationwide and for off-premise ordering as well. To-go pricing starts at $9.99 for a medium, $11.99 for a large and $14.99 for a giant, although prices may vary by location.

Meanwhile, Mike’s Hot Honey Wings feature your choice of either bone-in or boneless chicken wings tossed in signature chili pepper-infused hot honey sauce.

Wings are priced at standard wing counts and are available for off-premise ordering only. You can find Mike’s Hot Honey Wings in 5-piece, 10-piece, 20-piece, and 50-piece orders, with prices ranging between $7.99 and $5.9.99.


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