Coca-Cola To Release New Space-Inspired Starlight Coke Flavor On February 21, 2022 – Here’s Where You Can Buy It


Coca-Cola is going back into space with the nationwide launch of its new Starlight Coke flavor on February 21, 2022.

Coca-Cola Starlight is the inaugural limited-edition product of Coca-Cola Creations – a new “innovation platform” that aims to surprise, delight and engage global audiences by introducing new products and experiences across physical and digital worlds.

Developed under the “Real Magic” brand platform, which was revealed back in 2021, Coca-Cola Creations has been designed to cater to various target audiences like teens and millennials, and is a forerunner for a new Coca-Cola platform that will imbue the company’s iconic brands with a unique voice and expression.

The new space-inspired drink was created with the vision that “in a world of infinite possibilities, somewhere in our universe, another kind of Coca-Cola, another way of connecting with each other might exist.”

Coke’s Starlight flavor combines the iconic taste of Coca-Cola with a touch of the unexpected, including a reddish hue color “inspired by the light of the stars” and notes reminiscent of stargazing around a campfire. Furthermore, according to a press release, the new beverage offers a cooling sensation that leaves you feeling as though you’ve just traveled to the depths of space.

Coca-Cola Starlight features an eye-catching packaging design that incorporates a multi-dimensional, light-filled star field and its launch will be supported by a digitally integrated marketing campaign that includes a partnership with popstar Ava Max.

The new flavor will be available at participating retailers nationwide like Walmart, as well as through delivery services like GoPuff starting on Monday, February 21, 2022. Coca-Cola Starlight comes in individual 20-ounce bottles for $2.49 and 10-packs of 7.5-ounce mini cans for $4.62 both in Original Taste and Zero Sugar options. Prices may vary.



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