Culver’s Adding New Lemon Berry Layer Cake And Dark Chocolate PB Crunch Fresh Frozen Custard Flavors To Flavor Of The Day Lineup


With summer right around the corner, Culver’s today announced that it’s expanding its ever-growing Flavor of the Day lineup with the arrival of two new fresh frozen custard flavors: Lemon Berry Layer Cake and Dark Chocolate PB Crunch.

Featuring contrasting fruity and decadent flavor profiles, each of the two new varieties will be offered at all Culver’s restaurants on their respective debut dates and will thereafter be rotated in each location’s own Flavor of the Day calendars.

Here’s what each new flavor is made up of:

  • Lemon Berry Layer Cake (June 10): The brand’s signature Creamy Vanilla Fresh Frozen Custard layered with mixed berries and swirled with a tart and tangy lemon ribbon and butter cake pieces.
  • Dark Chocolate PB Crunch (July 10): Culver’s Dark Chocolate Fresh Frozen Custard blended with Butterfinger pieces and swirled with a ribbon of gooey peanut butter.

You can find the new Lemon Berry Layer Cake and Dark Chocolate PB Crunch Fresh Frozen Custard flavors at all of Culver’s 900-plus locations nationwide on the day of their debut.


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