Del Taco Introduces New Queso Chrunchtadas, New $3 BreakFiesta And New Strawberry Piñata Shake Made with M&M’S Candies


Del Taco is elevating its menu this summer with the introduction of new Queso Crunchtadas, alongside new $3 Breakfiesta and new Strawberry Piñata Shake made with M&M’s Candies, starting on July 28, 2022.

The new Nachotada Crunchtada features a thick, wavy, crunchy corn shell loaded up with the brand’s signature creamy Queso Blanco, slow-cooked beans made from scratch, seasoned beef, crispy tortilla strips, and fresh house-grated cheddar cheese, all topped with fresh diced tomatoes, cool sour cream, and spicy sliced jalapeños.

Made with guac lovers in mind, the new Chicken, Queso & Guac Crunchtada features a thick, crunchy corn shell layered with slow-cooked beans made from scratch and freshly grilled marinated chicken, and topped with high-quality ingredients, including fresh house-grated cheddar cheese, fresh diced tomatoes, Del Taco’s signature creamy Queso Blanco, and fresh house-made guacamole.

The $3 BreakFiesta is a new grab-and-go breakfast option that includes two Egg & Cheese Breakfast Rollers and a 5-piece order of Hashbrown Sticks, all for just 3 bucks.

Del’s new Strawberry Piñata Shake, made with M&M’s Candies, consists of a rich and creamy hand-blended real strawberry shake made with M&M’S Candies.

All four items can be found at participating Del Taco locations nationwide for a limited time starting Thursday, July 28, 2022.

It’s worth pointing out, though, that some locations are already serving up the two new Queso Crunchtadas.

Prices may vary.


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