Del Taco Now Offers Vegan Beyond Double Del Cheeseburger


Del Taco was the first Mexican fast-food chain to offer vegan tacos made with Beyond Meat’s plant-based crumbles.

Now, the chain is offering a new twist on a classic with the launch of the new Beyond Double Del Cheeseburger.

The Beyond Double Del Cheeseburger features two Beyond Meat patties topped with two slices of melted American cheese, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and burger sauce, all sandwiched between two grilled sesame seed buns.

Del Taco is keeping up with the vegan trend by adding a number of vegan-friendly items to the menu. However, this new version of the Double Del Cheeseburger is not listed on the menu (yet), so you must ask for it.

“Just ask for Beyond Meat instead of a meat patty,” the company said in a tweet.

Del Taco hasn’t announced how much it costs to turn the burger into a vegan burger. But we assume it goes for the same price as a regular Double Del Cheeseburger, which is about $3.40 (may vary).

The Beyond vegan cheeseburger is now available at participating Del Taco restaurants nationwide.


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