Del Taco Pours New Oreo Cookie Horchata Shake And Mexican Chocolate Shake As Part Of New Chocodays Beverage Lineup


With summer in full view, Del Taco celebrates the warmer days ahead with the release of three new chocolate beverages at participating locations.

Available for a limited time, the new “Chocodays” beverages are available in three varieties:

  • The OREO Cookie Horchata Shake is a thick, creamy shake that comes filled with chocolatey OREO cookie crumbles, blended together with the delicious flavor of horchata.
  • The Mexican Chocolate Shake consists of a combination ice cold chocolate and horchata, making it the perfect way to satisfy any sweet tooth cravings.
  • The Mocha Iced Coffee features rich chocolate flavor combined with Del Taco’s signature creamy iced coffee served over ice.

You can find Del Taco’s new chocolate drinks at participating locations nationwide for a limited time.


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