Del Taco Spins New Mint And Mint M&M’s Shakes


Del Taco readies for St. Patrick’s Day with the introduction of the new Mini Mint and Mini Mint M&M’s Shakes.

The new Mini Mint Shake consists of vanilla shake base combined with mint-flavored syrup.

Meanwhile, the Mini Mint M&M’s Shake features a vanilla shake base blended with mint-flavored syrup and M&M’s candies.

The Mini Mint Shake carries a suggested price of $1.59, while the Mini Mint M&M Shake goes for $2.29 (may vary by location).

Both shakes are also available in medium and large sizes, with prices starting at $3.99 for a regular Mint Shake and $4.19 for a regular Mint M&M’s Shake.


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