Denny’s Unleashes New My Hammy Spice Breakfast Sandwich


Denny’s amps up their breakfast menu with the debut of the new My Hammy Spice Breakfast Sandwich.

Available all day long, the “My Hammy Spice Breakfast Sandwich” features ham, chorizo and scrambled eggs topped with Swiss & American cheeses and picked jalapenos on a grilled artisan bread. Served with your choice of one side.

The new breakfast sandwich comes out to about 1200 calories and costs $11.29, although prices may vary based on location.

And for those who don’t want to venture out and try new things, Denny’s is still offering its signature Moons Over My Hammy, which consists of a ham and scrambled egg sandwich with Swiss and American cheeses on grilled artisan bread, served with a side of hash browns.

The “My Hammy Spice Breakfast Sandwich” is available at participating Denny’s restaurants nationwide for a limited time.


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