Dunkin’ just launched a new menu of coffee drinks at its next generation stores and it includes a variety of new handcrafted, coffeehouse-style beverages.

Sold exclusively at over 300 next generation restaurants across the U.S., the new coffee menu includes a Cold Brew Latte, a Café Au Lait, and a Shakerato.

The Cold Brew Latte combines the taste of Dunkin’ Cold Brew with the creaminess of a latte for a one-of-a-kind cold brew experience.

The new Café Au Lait features a blend of the brand’s Dark Roast Coffee with steamed milk for a rich and also creamy coffee drink. Available hot or iced.

The Shakerato is described as a “bold beverage with two shots of sweetened espresso, swirled to create a cold foam layer.”

As mentioned above, you can find the new menu of coffee beverages at more than 300 next-generation stores nationwide.

For those unfamiliar, next generation stores feature state-of-the-art design, innovative technologies, and a modern atmosphere. They also have a tap system that serves up cold beverages like Cold Brew coffee and Nitro-Infused Cold Brew coffee.

Have you tried the new Cold Brew Latte? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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