Dutch Bros Unveils New Sugar N Spice Oat Milk Latte And Holly Jolly Rebel As Part Of 2022 Holiday Drinks Menu


Dutch Bros is celebrating the upcoming holiday season with the arrival of new and returning fan favorite drinks like the Hazelnut Truffle Mocha and the new Sugar N Spice Oat Milk Latte.

Here’s a closer at Dutch Bros’ 2022 holiday drinks lineup:

Hazelnut Truffle Mocha features the brand’s signature chocolate milk with hazelnut syrup, espresso and magically topped with Soft Top and a drizzle of caramel. You can get it hot, iced or blended.

New Sugar N Spice Oat Milk Latte features a winter spice flavor – consisting of consisting of cozy notes of brown sugar, cinnamon and cardamom – blended with espresso and oat milk and finished with a dusting of cinnamon sprinkles. Available hot or iced.

New Holly Jolly Rebel consists of a mix of pomegranate and vanilla within the brand’s exclusive energy drink, Rebel, all topped with Soft Top and green sprinkles. It can be ordered iced or blended.

Additionally, fans can also enjoy the perfect holiday flavor combo of peppermint and chocolate, magically topped with Soft Top and peppermint sprinkles when they order a Candy Cane Mocha, Freeze, Cold Brew or Dutch Cocoa.

All three new beverages, along with their much-anticipated holiday cup designs, are available at all Dutch Bros locations through the end of December 2022.


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