Earl of Sandwich Introduces The Earl’s Gyro


Earl of Sandwich is a sandwich chain you’ve probably never heard of. But it’s one of the best sandwich chains around.

The first EOS location opened on March 2004 in Disney Springs. Since then, the sandwich chain has grown to over 30 locations, including one in Miami International Airport (MIA).

Sandwiches are their specialty, probably the best in the biz. Second to none, in my humble opinion. But things don’t stay the same forever, so the chain is expanding its menu with new items like Earl’s Gyro.

Earl of Sandwich is now offering Greek Gyros too. No one here on our team has tried them yet. However, based on my personal experience with their sandwiches, I can almost personally confirm that they’re just as good as the ones at Arby’s.

Earl’s Gyro features a blend of seasoned roast beef and lamb with tzatziki sauce, lettuce, Roma tomato and red onion served on a freshly baked artisan bread.

The new Gyro is available at participating Earl of Sandwich locations for the suggested price of $6.99 for a limited time.

Nutritional information such as calories and fat still not available.


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