Earl Of Sandwich Reveals New Spicy BBQ Vegan Chicken Sandwich, Welcomes Back Beefy Mac & Cheese Sandwich


Earl of Sandwich adds a new vegan sandwich to the menu with the debut of the new Spicy BBQ Vegan Chicken Sandwich.

The new Spicy BBQ Vegan Chicken Sandwich includes vegan chicken, vegan pepper jack, vegan slaw, onions and BBQ sauce served on your choice of white or wheat bread.

Just take note that although touted as vegan friendly, the sandwich is prepared alongside other items that are not vegan.

In addition to the Spicy BBQ Vegan Chicken Sandwich, Earl of Sandwich is also offering a cheesier version of their popular Mac & Cheese Sandwich.

The Mac & Cheese Sandwich is made with roast beef, cheddar, mac and cheese, and cheesy sauce, and served on fresh-baked bread.

Both sandwiches start at $8.49, but prices may vary based on your location.

The Spicy BBQ Vegan Chicken Sandwich and Mac & Cheese Sandwich are available for a limited time at participating Earl of Sandwich locations nationwide.


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