Fish And Chips Are Back At Wienerschnitzel

Fish And Chips Are Back At Wienerschnitzel hero
Image via Wienerschnitzel

Just in time for Lent, Fish And Chips are back on the menu at Wienerschnitzel, but only for a limited time.

The Fish and Chips dish at Wienerschnitzel consists of two pieces of deep-fried panko-crusted wild-caught Alaskan pollock served with French fries and a side of tartar sauce and for dipping. There’s also an option to “go large” to get four pieces of fish, a double-serving of Fries, and double the sauce, for an additional fee.

The Fish ‘N Chips dish carries a suggested price of $4.89, though prices may vary by location.

Fish and Chips are available at participating Wienerschnitzel locations nationwide through April 2020.


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