Fish Sandwiches Return To Jack In The Box For 2023 Seafood Season


Jack in the Box is welcoming the 2023 seafood/Lent season with the return of its popular crispy Fish Sandwich at participating locations.

Just like last year, the seasonal offering is available in two fan favorite varieties, including the original Fish Sandwich, which dates back beyond the last decade, and the Deluxe Fish Sandwich that was launched back in 2020.

Here’s a closer look at Jack in the Box’s seasonal fish sandwiches:

  • The Fish Sandwich features a crispy panko breaded fish filet topped with shredded lettuce and tartar sauce on a toasted buttery bakery bun.
  • The Deluxe Fish Sandwich features two crispy panko breaded fish filets layered with melty American cheese and topped with shredded lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and tartar sauce, all served on a toasted buttery bakery bun.

Jack in the Box’s original Fish Sandwich can be ordered a la carte for $4.99, or as part of a combo served with fries and a drink, for a suggested starting price of $7.99. You can also get the Deluxe Fish Sandwich on its own for $7.29 or in a combo that includes fries and a drink starting at $10.29 (may vary).

You can find both fish sandwiches at participating Jack in the Box locations nationwide for a limited time through the 2023 Lenten season.

Jack In The Box Deluxe Fish Sandwich Nutrition Facts

  • Serving Size: 313 grams
  • 670 calories
  • 310 calories from fat
  • 34 grams of fat
  • 8 grams of saturated fat
  • 1410 milligrams of sodium
  • 51 grams of carbs
  • 6 grams of sugar
  • 20 grams of protein


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