Flavor Remixes Are Back At Wingstop In Hot Lemon, Lemon Garlic And Bayou BBQ Varieties


By popular demand, Wingstop welcomes back three popular flavor remixes, including the zesty fire of Hot Lemon, the savory punch of Lemon Garlic, and the soulful tang of Bayou BBQ, for a limited time at participating locations.

The remixes were originally introduced back in 2019 after fans began posting on social media about combining two wing sauce flavors to create an original, new flavor from the distinctive, 11 bold flavors that anchor Wingstop’s menu on a daily basis.

The returning flavor remixes span the spicy, savory spectrum:

  • Hot Lemon combines the kick of the brand’s Original Hot with the iconic Lemon Pepper seasoning for a unique twist on two classics that’s equal parts zesty and equal parts spicy.
  • Lemon Garlic combines the savory, buttery flavor of Garlic Parmesan with the zesty pepper-y punch of the brand’s Lemon Pepper seasoning.
  • Bayou BBQ combines Hickory Smoked BBQ with a spike of Wingstop’s signature Cajun seasoning.

If you’re looking to get the most flavor bang for your buck, you can add the Boneless Meal Deal to your cart to get 20 boneless wings in your choice of four flavors, complete with a large fry and two dips, all for a suggested price of $15.99. You can get your flavor remix fix now by ordering through Wingstop.com or the Wingstop app. Prices may vary by location.


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