Looks like Sonic Drive-In is getting into the supplements game.

Earlier today, the supplement company Ghost Lifestyle took to Twitter to let fans know they’ve just released a new Pre-workout formula called GHOST Legend x SONIC Cherry Limeade.

According to Ghost’s website, they spent a year of trial and error with the Sonic team trying to get it right. And now it’s finally here, a Cherry Limeade-flavored pre-workout that actually tastes like Sonic’s delicious Cherry Limeade.

The GHOST Legend x SONIC Cherry Limeade contains 4g L-Citrulline, 2G Beta Alanine, and 202mg of total caffeine per scoop.

The formula also includes Alpha-GPC, Rauwolfia, and Agmatine Sulfate for some serious pumps.

You can find the new GHOST Legend x SONIC Cherry Limeade at the Ghost Lifestyle website for $44.99.


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