Jack In The Box And Mint Mobile Launch “New” Mint Mobile Shake


Jack in the Box is joining forces with Mint Mobile and Ryan Reynolds to celebrate this year’s St. Patrick’s Day by putting a minty spin on the brand’s iconic Oreo Shake with the launch of the “new” Mint Mobile Shake.

To be perfectly honest, the only new thing here is the shake’s name, because other than that, it’s just the brand’s seasonal Oreo Cookie Mint Shake that was last seen on the menu back in March 2022. To put it more succinctly, this is a marketing stunt.

With that said, the Mint Mobile Shake consists of vanilla soft-serve ice cream blended with mint syrup and Oreo cookie crumbles, and finished with whipped topping and a maraschino cherry.

The Mint Mobile Shake starts at a suggested price of $4.89, although prices may vary by location.

Jack in the Box’s Mint Mobile Shake can be found for a limited time at participating locations nationwide through April 2, 2023.


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