Jamba Adds New Gotcha Matcha And Bold ‘n Cold Brew Iced Beverages, Brings Back Pumpkin Smash Smoothie


Jamba looks to help you take on the day with the launch of their new Gotcha Matcha and Bold ‘n Cold Brew naturally caffeinated drinks, featuring a first of its kind plant-based sweet cloud whip foam topper, made in-house from oat milk, coconut milk coco whip, and agave.

Gotcha Matcha is a refreshing iced beverage that features matcha produced in Japan for an authentic, smooth, and balanced green tea that offers a burst of natural caffeine. You can also add the brand’s new house-made, silky plant-based sweet cloud whip foam topper to make it even better.

Bold ‘n Cold Brew is an iced beverage that features a filtered, complex cold brew that’s topped with a silky, creamy plant-based sweet cloud whip foam topper that cascades into your coffee, creating a well rounded, balanced, deep flavor profile.

Iced Gotcha Matcha carries a suggested retail price of $5.79, while the Iced Bold ‘n Cold Brew goes for $4.99 (may vary by location).

In addition to the new iced beverages, participating Jamba locations are also once again offering their popular Pumpkin Smash Smoothie.

This time around the Pumpkin Smash Smoothie is available in two varieties: Classic and Plant-Based.

The Pumpkin Smash Plant-Based Smoothie combines the brand’s pumpkin spice blend with oat milk, and So Delicious Dairy Free oatmilk frozen dessert.

The Classic version features also features Jamba’s pumpkin spice blend, which consists of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg, blended with 2 percent milk and fat free vanilla frozen yogurt.

It’s worth mentioning that Pumpkin Smash Smoothies are currently only available online, and will hit stores nationwide on August 24, 2021.

The Pumpkin Smash Smoothie will be available through November 15, 2021, for a suggested price of $6.79 – while supplies last.


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