KFC Introduces New $20 Taste Of KFC Meal Nationwide


KFC is once again offering value at the $20 price point with the national arrival of the new $20 Taste of KFC meal.

First tested at select locations in the Austin-Waco area back in November 2023, each $20 Taste of KFC meal comes with six pieces of KFC’s Original Recipe chicken on the bone, plus four finger lickin’ good individual sides, such as mashed potatoes and gravy, rich and creamy cheddar mac & cheese, fresh coleslaw, corn, and four biscuits.

The $20 Taste of KFC meal can be found now at participating KFC locations across the country for a limited time.

What do you think of this deal? Is it worth it? Be sure to let us know down in the comments below.


  1. So who’s bright idea was this? Fire them immediately! I haven’t had KFC in years, but saw the commercial for the “$20 MEAL” and drove through and got it. Imagine my surprise when I got home and opened it up – 6 pcs of chicken, 4 biscuits, and 4 INDIVIDUAL sides. If you planned on feeding 4 people, each person gets ONE TEASPOON of mashed potatoes!!! ONE FREAKIN’ BITE!!! Explain THAT to the kids!!!

    So… the chicken ain’t great, I was never a biscuit fan, and the sides won’t feed a bird. OH! and by the way – they were out of corn at 6pm!!! Maybe I should run over to Kroger next door and get them a can since they didn’t seem able to do it. If I had the energy to go back out, I’d take it back and ask for my money back. I just might leave it on the counter all night and take it back tomorrow – what a ripoff!!! Wanna chase customers away, KFC??? This is how ya do it…


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