KFC keeps dreaming up new over-the-top menu items that tread the line between delicious and just plain crazy.

The new Ghost Pepper Zinger currently available only in Malaysia arrives with the promise of adding spice to your life.

The Ghost Pepper sandwich is the latest addition to KFC’s Zinger lineup which includes popular releases such as the Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger and the Zinger Waffle Burger, to mention a few.

KFC’s new Ghost Pepper Zinger comes with a crispy chicken Zinger fillet, topped with Japanese cucumbers, tomatoes, mayo, and nacho chips drizzled with Ghost Pepper Sauce. All served on a toasty red sesame seed bun.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, this marvelous fast-food concoction is only available at KFC Malaysia. And the chain is yet to announce when it will debut the U.S.

The Ghost Pepper Zinger is also available in burrito form. Known as the Ghost Pepper Twister, this burrito-style delicacy has all the same ingredients but they’re all wrapped up in a flour tortilla that has a reddish color just like the bun.

KFC’s new Ghost Pepper Zinger is available à la carte for 12.50 RM, which is about $3.07 in US dollars. And you can also get it as a combo meal with potato wedges and a drink for 16.90 RM, which is about $4.15.

The new Ghost Pepper Zinger is available now at KFC restaurants in Malaysia for a limited time only.


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