KFC Offers $10 Popcorn Nuggets Deal


KFC aims to offer even more value with the return of their popular $10 Popcorn Nuggets deal.

The ten dollar popcorn nugget box comes with approximately 70 pieces of Popcorn Chicken and is meant to last up to two meals. You can also add a large side for an added charge.

Kentucky Fried Chicken ran a similar promotion in Australia, where, for just $10 (Australian) bucks, fans were able to get a bucket with 80 pieces of bite-sized fried chicken.

KFC’s popcorn nuggets feature bite-sized white meat chicken nuggets coated in seasoned breading and deep-fried until crispy.

The $10 Popcorn Chicken Nuggets box is available now at participating KFC restaurants nationwide for a limited time only.

Have you taken advantage of the ten dollar popcorn nuggets deal at KFC? Let us know in the comments below.


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