Krispy Kreme Adds New Mini Bouncing Bunny And Mini Diving Duck Donuts As Part Of New Spring Mini Doughnuts Collection


Spring Mini Donuts are back at Krispy Kreme in three new festive varieties, including the new Mini Bouncing Bunny Doughnut, Mini Diving Duck Doughnut, and Mini Daffodil Doughnut.

The new Mini Bouncing Bunny Doughnut features a Mini Original Glazed Donut dipped in green icing and topped with a dollop of vanilla-flavored buttercreme frosting and two cute bunny feet sugar pieces.

The new Mini Diving Duck Doughnut consists of a Mini Original Glazed Donut dipped in blue icing, sprinkled with white nonpareils and topped with a dollop of yellow buttercreme frosting and two cute orange buttercreme duck feet.

The new Mini Daffodil Doughnut is a​ Mini Original Glazed Doughnut that’s first dipped in yellow icing and yellow sanding sugar and then topped with a dollop of orange buttercreme frosting and decorated with a yellow icing flower.

Besides the new additions, Krispy Kreme is also bringing back their fan favorite Mini Chocolate Iced with Spring Sprinkles Doughnut, which features a Mini Original Glazed Donut dipped in chocolate icing and topped with colorful spring sprinkles.

All four mini donuts will be available in a custom, 16-count box at participating Krispy Kreme shops starting March 27, 2023, for a limited time.

For those looking to celebrate at home, Krispy Kreme is selling an assortment of Spring Minis at select grocery stores near Krispy Kreme shops. The 8-count box includes Mini Chocolate Iced Donuts with Spring Sprinkles, Mini Original Glazed Donuts, and Mini Strawberry Iced Donuts with Spring Sprinkles at local Walmart, Stater Brothers, Kroger, Publix, Food Lion, Wakefern and more stores across the US. Prices vary.


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