Krystal Debuts New Crispy Seasoned Fries Nationwide


After a successful test at select locations in Atlanta and Knoxville last year, Krystal launches its new seasoned fries nationwide.

Krystal’s new fries are thicker, crispier and seasoned to perfection with a blend of premium spices, including salt, pepper, garlic, and paprika, among others.

According to Alice Crowder, CMO of Krystal Restaurants LLC, “the fries have a satisfying crunch, yet feature an interior that’s as fluffy as the inside of a premium baked potato.”

Featuring a new recipe with extra breading and coated for an audible crunch, the new seasoned fries can be enjoyed à la carte and can also be added to any combo on the menu for an additional charge.

Krystal recommends topping them with chili and cheese or pairing them with a Classic Krystal or Chik.

You can order the new fries in-store, at the drive-thru, or online via the chain’s newly refreshed website or through the recently launched Krystal app, as well as through third party delivery.

Krystal’s new crispy seasoned fries are available now at participating locations nationwide. Prices may vary.


  1. I had no idea Krystals had changed their french fries. I would have liked to have known before I handed over good money for this tasteless garbage. They used to have some of the best fries anywhere. Now, because of these weird, unnatural looking fries I will never eat there again. I’ve seen other restaurants going to the fries with the artificial crunchener and I can’t understand it. They are so flavorless they have to add spices to give it any flavor. I don’t want ketchup or any other flavors and textures added to my fries. Fries are: potatoes, oil and a little salt – period! They say they’re thicker – no, they’re not. They’re flavorless oily sticks of cardboard!

  2. The news fries are terrible. They’re cheap horrible garbage. When something’s good, why change it? Go back to the original fries. They were the best fries around. I even liked them better than McDonald’s French fries. Such a shame. Until they change them back, I won’t be back.

  3. Hate the new fries! Bring back home old. The new ones don’t pair well with Krystal burger. Too greasy. No potato flavor

  4. Dude..1st off ..I’m a Black American..who knows..I may be a hard working construction man,concrete of course..I may be a professional athlete..dump truck driver..or utilize some other form of hard labor for an honest days pay(actually,neither 1,but I’m just sayin)..look..I had..5 bucks and some change in my ashtray..along w/ashes..but I saw the advertised $4.99 3 Krystal’s meal,and LIT UP!!..OMG! soon as I saw those fries,I was like..”whut’na hell”*Hank Hill’s voice..I tasted them,and no longer wants to be a part of 2022..I’d rather travel back in time so I can taste Krystal’s original fries,again..I always bragged that Krystal’s had better fries than even McDonald’s,or as we say in North Fla.(Mike Donald’s)..haven’t been back since..please stop this horrific spell you’ve cast on your cutomers

  5. Who made the decision to change the once great Krystal fries to these extruded forms of FF look alike with the nasty crunch, They’re not made from potatoes, if they must sell these things, then offer the original Frits as well and don’t fry the originals in the same oil as the nasty ones

  6. I travel from Indianapolis, IN to Georgia when I stopped at the closest Krystal. Well lets just say I wanted Frys only to get horrible fries that I immediately threw in the trash. My krystal with cheese missed the good ole days. Horrible moved to GA in 1969 and fell in luv with my Krystals. Well not any more.

  7. Lifelong Krystal fan – fries sucked so bad I haven’t been back. Recipe that works – peeled potatoes deep fried and salted. Simple. Good.


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