Krystal offers mini sandwiches, also known as sliders, that are very similar and just as good as the ones sold at White Castle.

The fast-food restaurant chain made famous for its small, square hamburger sliders welcomes 2019 with a brand new deal where you can get 10 Krystals for 6 dollars.

The deal includes 10 original Krystals which feature 100 percent USDA approved beef patties with onions, mustard, and a sliced dill pickle on top. All served on the chain’s signature bun.

Krystal is also offering any 5 menu items for less than 6 bucks.

The “Pick Any 5 for $5.55” deal includes your choice of any 5 menu items including:

  • Krystals
  • Chiks
  • Pups & Corn Pups
  • Wings
  • And also any side item.

Krystal’s new deals are available for a limited time at participating restaurants nationwide.


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