Krystal Reveals New Sunriser Breakfast Sandwich Topped With Fried Egg


Krystal is expanding its breakfast options this winter with the introduction of a new Sunriser Breakfast Sandwich topped with fried egg.

The new Sunriser features a savory sausage topped with a slice of melted American cheese and a fried egg served on a steamed slider bun. For comparison, the classic Sunriser comes with scrambled eggs instead of the new fried egg.

To promote the sandwich, Krystal is releasing a new commercial featuring larger-than-life personalities Krystal fans know and love, including Libbie Higgins and MTV co-founder Les Garland, on January 17, 2023.

While an official release date has not been announced yet, it is safe to assume that the new Sunriser will launch at or around the same time as the TV spot.

With that you said, you can find the new Sunriser Breakfast Sandwich at participating Krystal locations nationwide for a starting next week.

Pricing and nutritional information TBA.


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