Little Caesars Teases Return Of Pretzel Crust Pizza With New Corncob Crust Pizza


Little Caesars is teasing a new Corncob Crust pizza as a joke to promote the return of its fan-favorite Pretzel Crust pizza, which, according to several sources, will be making its way back onto menus nationwide by the end of this month.

The new Corncob Crust pizza is a standard cheese pizza that features a crust of American grown corn on the cob (each cob with a pat of butter on top), topped with corn kernels and sprigs of cilantro, and served with a 2 liter bottle of liquefied butter for drizzling.

Describing it as “the crust the world craves,” Little Caesars unveiled the Corncob Crust pizza earlier today via YouTube to tease fans about the upcoming return of the Pretzel Crust pizza.

According to the video’s fine print, “Product Availability Dependent on Hypothetical Corn Supply Chain.”

You can take a closer look at Little Caesars’ new (and also fake) Corncob Crust pizza in the video below:

YouTube video


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