McDonald’s has just launched a new Japanese-themed menu, and it’s a game changer.

Drawing inspiration from Japan, McDonald’s new Flavors of Japan menu features unique items like the Ebi Burger and Teriyaki Samurai Burger, among other delicious options.

The menu will be available for a limited time, but only in McDonald’s restaurants in Philippines.

McDonald’s latest release begs the question: What’s with all these chains launching the most memorable, mouthwatering, and over-the-top menu items across the world, but not here in the US?

Why aren’t we allowed to enjoy creations like KFC’s Ghost Pepper Zinger or McDonald’s new Ebi Burger here in the States? We, the consumers, demand it!

Flavors of Japan Full Menu:

The Ebi Burger features a tempting shrimp patty and crisp lettuce drizzled with a creamy sauce on a sesame seed bun. Suggested price (P133), which in U.S. dollars is around $2.56.

McDonald’s new Teriyaki Samurai Burger comes with a Teriyaki-glazed beef patty, fresh crisp lettuce, and mayo, all sandwiched between a warm sesame seed bun. Suggested price $2.56 (P133).

Shake Shake Fries Nori: A sweet version of McDonald’s regular fries. These delicious fried nori flakes have a salty, umami-like savory flavor that tastes a bit like “sour cream and onion,” according to a reviewer. Suggested price $1.16 (P60).

Strawberry Sakura McFloat is a strawberry- and cherry-flavored soda with vanilla ice cream on top. Suggested price 73 cents (P38).

You can also get the new burgers as a combo meal, with regular fries and a soda for $3.45 (P179), or with Shake Shake Fries Nori and a Strawberry Sakura McFloat for $3.97 (P206).

Image via McDonald’s

The menu looks awesome, doesn’t it?


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