McDonald’s Introduces New Late Night Menu

McDonald's brown bag containing food from night time menu
Image via McDonald's

McDonald’s is launching a new late night menu starting Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

The fast-food chain is looking to provide a better customer experience—one that’s smooth and simple, but more importantly fast—all day every day.

“We’ll be simplifying the after midnight menu so customers can get the most popular favorites as fast as possible,” the company said in a press release.

However, this move may also help the company cut costs and reduce food waste, among other benefits.

Here’s you what you can expect to find on the menu next time you visit McDonald’s past midnight:

  • 100 percent fresh beef Quarter Pounder Burgers
  • World Famous French fries and all other sides
  • McCafé and Beverages
  • Chicken McNuggets
  • All Day Breakfast
  • Sweets & Treats
  • Happy Meal
  • Big Mac

Items not listed on the late-night menu will be available during regular hours.

McDonald’s new night time menu debuts at participating restaurants nationwide by the end of this month.



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