Kentucky Fried Chicken—better known as KFC—welcomes Spring by expanding their popular $20 deal to offer four fill up options, including the new 6-piece Boneless Chicken Breasts.

Each $20 fill up meal comes with four biscuits, two large mashed potatoes, a large coleslaw salad, and gravy, of course.

Here’s what’s on the $20 fill up menu:

  • New 6-piece Boneless Chicken Breasts
  • 8-piece Original Recipe Chicken
  • 8-piece Extra Crispy Chicken
  • 12-piece Chicken Tenders
Image via KFC

The $20 fill up deal is available at KFC restaurants across the country for a limited time only.


  1. I got $20 fill-up and asked for dark meat. What did I get? Half white and the other half dark meat. I guess I should go get them before an hour or longer before they close. Kids working there don’t care much!!!

    • Hi Sue. This happened to me last time too. KFC should step up their customer service game before they start losing customers.

    • It includes 2 breast, 2 thighs, 2 wings and 2 legs. They don’t substitute anything. That’s why you got white and dark

  2. I orders $20 fill up, requested mix of extra crispy and original. I got 2 crispy breasts, 1 crispy leg, 1 crispy thigh and 4 tiny wings, hard to tell if they were crispy or original. My husband likes crispy, so he was happy. I like original, and I was disappointed. The fries were tasty, I had not had them before.

  3. 2nd time we have gotten carry out in Livonia, Michigan. Got exactly what we ordered except for the sauce I asked for 3 times. We ordered the $20 fill up!!!!

  4. I thought $20 Fill Up was mixed. I got all dark. Not one breast. Not worth the $20 plus tax for all dark. Very disappointing. I’m gonna think twice before purchasing again, if at all.

  5. Went tonight to get a $20 fillup. It was $22.14. I had a $50 bill and $2.14. $30 change. Told me to use my card. No, not using card at KFC when I have cash. Refused to make change of $30 so I went to Bojangles. They took my cash, no problem. Its Bojangles next time for me!

  6. Got a $20 fill up tonight. All dark meat!! Very disappointed!! I was looking forward to chicken breast!! What happened to the 2 breast, 2 wing, 2 thigh, and 2 drumstick combo??

  7. I like their chicken but their instant mashed potatoes are awful. Wish the $20 fill up offered a choice on all your sides.

  8. ordered a $20 fill up extra crispy chicken only got 6 pieces of chicken 3 drumsticks 1 wing and 2 breasts No thighs Not Happy as the breasts were decent size the other pieces were SMALL. Maybe have to take a break from them AGAIN

  9. I ordered $20 fill up and wanted to substitute legs for the wings. She gave me four wings and no legs !!! I asked twice too !!!

  10. I ordered a $20 fill up. Normally 2 breast, 2 thigh, 2 wings, 2 legs. I detest dark meat…got only thighs and legs. I will never go back. I would not have placed order if I realized not getting a breast.

  11. You all are complaining about the chicken you received, we ordered a $20 fill up with original and was told they were out of original and out of crispy. Seriously like Wth your a friend chicken place. But I do believe their pieces of chicken that comes in the $20 fill up is all smaller pieces then if you were to order a single meal. They know people won’t settle for paying the price for a single meal if they get those small pieces of chicken so us $20 fill up people get the rejects. Not so sure we will continue to patronize this place again.

  12. I ordered the $20 fill up and asked if I could get legs instead of wings and green beans instead of coleslaw. They said yes but it’s an up charge. That’s fine. I look to see everything is there and I’m missing a mashed potato. Tried telling me I ordered the regular bucket and it only had one potato. Ok I’ll pay for another potato. Said I had to go back around (long line). Ummm no I want my potatoes then, I ordered the fill up with an up charge, the sign said two mashed potatoes. They finally gave it to me. Get home and they never changed out the wings for legs like they up charged me for. We usually go to Lee’s but hubby wanted to try the fill up. Never again!!

  13. I just got a 20 dollar fill up but now it’s 25.00, they only gave us one mashed potatoes and we got the tenders that was tiny, barely warm and dry. The KFC on E. Main st in Springfield, Ohio is horrible. I thought if we went at dinner time the chicken would be fresh but nope, I fed my chicken to my dog, she doesn’t know any better. Won’t be going there again.


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