McDonald’s Launches Three New Godzilla Burgers In Japan


McDonald’s is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Godzilla movie franchise with launch of its new Godzilla Burger lineup at participating locations across Japan starting January 5, 2024.

The collaboration, which has been named “Godzilla vs. McDonald’s,” features three new Godzilla Burgers, including the Spicy Thick Beef & Chunky Potato, Smoky Pepper Chicken, and Cheese Double Teriyaki.

The Spicy Thick Beef & Chunky Potato Burger consists of a juicy thick beef patty and a crunchy cut potato patty topped with spicy mayo sauce and cheddar cheese on a lumpy Godzilla-inspired bun.

The Smoky Pepper Chicken Burger includes a hearty chicken patty topped with cheese, smoky bacon, sliced onions, and a tangy, peppery mustard sauce on a square sesame seed bun.

The Cheese Double Teriyaki Burger features two pork patties paired with teriyaki-flavored sauce, sandwiched with rich cheese and lettuce between a lumpy Godzilla-inspired seeded bun.

McDonald’s Spicy Thick Beef & Crispy Cut Potato Burger costs 530 yen (~$3.76 US), the Smoky Pepper Chicken Burger goes for 470 yen (~$3.33 US), and the Cheese Double Teriyaki Burger carries a suggested price of 500 yen (~$3.55 US).

In addition, and to commemorate the fast-food chain’s first ever collaboration with Godzilla, the brand will be offering their new Godzilla Burgers in a special original package featuring unique Godzilla designs.

You can find the new Godzilla Burgers at participating McDonald’s Japan locations nationwide for a limited time beginning January 5, 2024. Prices may vary.


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