McDonald’s Reveals ‘Best-Ever Burger’ Lineup Featuring New And Improved Big Mac, Cheeseburger, McDouble And More


McDonald’s is taking its classic burger lineup to a whole new level by making small yet tasty improvements to fan favorite menu items like the Big Mac sandwich, classic Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger, McDouble burger, and Hamburger.

Although it may seem hard to beat the seasoned 100 percent pure beef patty, tangy pickles, and perfect ratio of ketchup and mustard that made McDonald’s famous, the following new changes they’re about to introduce will make their classic burgers even better.

  • A softer, pillowy bun that’s freshly toasted to a golden brown.
  • Perfectly melted cheese that’ll make you want to enjoy every last bit off the wrapper.
  • Juicier, caramelized flavor from adding the sliced white onions to the juicy beef patties while they’re still cooking on the grill.
  • More Big Mac sauce, delivering even more tangy sweetness with every bite.

Even though the new burger changes will be making their US debut later this year, the brand has already started rolling them out in several cities across the West Coast, and guests will be able to taste the difference at all locations nationwide by 2024.

US markets already offering the best burgers ever include Boise, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Tucson, and surrounding cities.

McDonald’s said in a press release that their best burgers ever are so tempting… they’ve even caught the attention of McDonaldland’s resident mischief-maker, the Hamburglar, and is asking fans to keep their eyes peeled for their red-handed fugitive (the OG hamburger influencer) who’s back to his old burger-snatching tricks in the fast-food chain’s newest TV commercial. So when you spot the Hamburglar’s notorious cape and striped outfit in your area, that’s when you’ll know that you can head to your local McDonald’s restaurant to get your hands on their best-ever burgers.

Are you excited to try McDonald’s new and improved classic burger lineup? Let us know what you think down in the comments.


  1. Why are all the new foods tested in another country first. Doesn’t the United States population know how to rate the food? In addition when approved by others, the test sites are usually in California and the mid west.

  2. If McDonald’s took pride in assembling their sandwiches, there would be the proper ketchup mustard ratio on a sandwich. Usually there’s one spec of mustard and lots of ketchup squeezing out of the sandwich that is half sideways and usually smashed when they wrap it. Not to mention the three pickle slices that are custom to the sandwich are stacked on top each other so you get three pickles in one bite and none in the rest . If they did more quality control they would have lower food cost by having less remakes. In 3 years of going to my local McDonald’s I can count on both hands. The number of times they’ve had properly made sandwiches that were hot with melted cheese. Not to mention they find it necessary not to have a grilled chicken option or salads on their menu still.

  3. Well, they’ve been my go-to for most of my life, but given that “no onions” was too difficult to understand BEFORE they started adding them to the grilling process, now my “plain please” order won’t even be able to stop the vile onion from invading my burger…so long, McD’s, it was a tasty run while it lasted, I’ll still visit for breakfast but after 11 I’ll be taking my business elsewhere, well, at least before you start forcing onions apon your breakfast sandwiches too…

  4. Despite what it says, all they are really doing is grilling the onions and putting more Big Mac Sauce on the Big Macs. The first two you probably wouldn’t even notice. So really no big changes, just big marketing over hardly anything.


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