McDonald's Unveils New Halloween Menu Hacks The Itsy Bitsy Spider Burger
Image via McDonald's

In case you’re looking for new ways to enjoy your favorite McDonald’s menu items this Halloween, the chain has shared some create at-home menu hacks to help you out.

McDonald’s says you can add a “new layer of spooky delight to Halloween dinnertime with menu hacks through McDelivery.”

Here’s what they suggest you do:

The Itsy Bitsy Burger: Place eight French fries halfway under the bun of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese (or any other sandwich) to stick out like spider legs. And you can add some pumpkin seeds as eyes to make it even spookier.

Fry Fangs: First dip two French fries into ketchup and then hang the fries from your mouth for edible vampire fangs.

Cauldron Sauce: First swirl tangy barbeque and creamy ranch sauces together in a bowl, then dip your Chicken McNuggets into the new secret sauce for a burst of flavor.

Caramel Chiller Thriller: Simply use fresh Apple Slices to scoop up caramel soft serve goodness from a sundae cup. McDonald’s describes this one as “the perfect fall snack.”

Trick-or-Treat McFlurry: Create your own McFlurry or shake by stirring in your favorite fun size candy.

In addition to the new Halloween menu hacks, the chain is offering free delivery through Uber Eats from October 26 through November 1.


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