Papa Johns Welcomes Back Cheesy Burger Pizza And Papadia Alongside New Bacon Cheesy Burger Bites


Papa Johns is offering an irresistible fusion of classic burger flavors and cheesy pizza goodness this summer with the return of the much-requested Cheesy Burger Pizza.

The Cheesy Burger Pizza features fresh, never frozen dough topped with a signature burger sauce, real mozzarella cheese, beef, tomato, and dill pickles, served with a cup of Special Garlic Sauce and pepperoncini.

This iconic combination of flavors can also be enjoyed in the returning Cheesy Burger Papadia and all-new Cheesy Burger Papa Bites. The Cheesy Burger Papadia is handheld flatbread-style sandwich that features sizzlin’ beef, dill pickles, tomatoes, and burger sauce, all folded in the brand’s fresh, never frozen original dough. Meanwhile, the Bacon Cheesy Burger Papa Bites are made with beef and bacon, plus dill pickles, burger sauce, and cheese rolled up in eight pillowy pockets of fresh, never frozen dough.

The Cheesy Burger lineup is available for Papa Rewards members now and will be available for fans nationwide starting June 13, with the Cheesy Burger Pizza, Papadia and Papa Bites priced at $9.99 (limited to the first 500,000 orders), $6.99 and $4.99 respectively.

Fans can stay vigilant for opportunities to score complimentary Cheesy Burger Pizza all summer long at, while uniting with like-minded connoisseurs to honor an original legend: the one and only Papa John’s Cheesy Burger Pizza.


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