Perdue ThanksNuggets Are Back For A Limited Time


By popular demand, Perdue is bringing back their fan favorite ThanksNuggets for a limited time just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

When ThanksNuggets launched back in 2020, they were so popular that they sold out online in less than three minutes. They were gone faster than you could say “Yum, these are delicious.”

This year, and for the first time ever, Perdue ThanksNuggets will be available for purchase at grocery stores nationwide so everyone can partake during the holiday season.

The limited-edition nuggets are made with No Antibiotics Ever white breast meat turkey consumers coated in a natural sweet potato seasoned breading.

Perdue ThanksNuggets come in 22-oz packages and can be found at select stores across the country, including Sam’s Club, Kroger, Walmart, and ShopRite, among many others.


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