Pizza Hut Debuts New Tropical Heat Melt In Canada


Pizza Hut combines sweet pineapple with fiery jalapenos for the launch of the new Tropical Heat Melt at participating locations across Canada.

Pizza Hut’s new Tropical Heat Melt features pineapple, jalapeno, and extra pizza mozzarella cheese stuffed between two slices of the brand’s Thin ‘N Crispy crust. The Melt is served with a side of creamy garlic sauce for dipping.

The Tropical Heat Melt carries a suggested price of CAD$8.99, which is about $6.79 in US dollars.

Pizza Hut Canada’s current Melts lineup currently also includes the Pepperoni Lover’s Melt, Meat Lover’s Melt, Chicken Bacon Alfredo Melt, and Mushroom Onion Alfredo Melt.

You can find the Tropical Heat Melt at participating Pizza Hut locations in Canada for a limited time.


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