Pizza Hut Launches Pizza Hut Trio Featuring New Oven-Baked Pastas


Pizza Hut offers a new combo deal designed to feed up to four people with the introduction of the new Pizza Hut Trio.

The Pizza Hut Trio includes a large 1-topping pizza, your choice of one oven-baked pasta, and a 2-liter Pepsi product for a suggested price of $22.

Not the best value for money, especially when you consider that some locations are still offering the $10 Tastemaker Pizza, which is a large 3-topping pizza deal, and that oven-baked pastas and 2-liter Pepsi beverages go for $8.99 and $1.99 each, respectively, coming to a grand total of $20.98. It’s a buck less than what they’re charging for the Pizza Hut Trio, but it’s still a pretty good deal for those who can’t get their hands on the Tastemaker deal.

You can find the Pizza Hut Trio at participating restaurants nationwide for a limited time. Prices may vary by location.


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