Pizza Hut is finally bringing back its fabled P’Zone Pizza. If you were among the legions of fans waiting for its return, the wait is over.

For those unfamiliar with the legendary pizza, it’s essentially a big calzone with pizza ingredients inside.

The P’Zone features a hand-tossed crust stuffed with sauce, cheese and toppings. But it’s actually a pizza, just that it’s folded and baked, and weighs over a pound.

If everything goes down as expected, the P’Zone will be available in three recipes:

  • Classic
  • Pepperoni
  • Meaty

The Classic P’Zone Pizza features mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, green peppers and red onions.

Pepperoni P’Zone features mozzarella cheese topped with slices of pepperoni.

The Meaty P’Zone comes with mozzarella cheese topped with slices of pepperoni, ham, pork, beef, and Italian sausage.

Sources close to us have confirmed that the returning legend is the P’Zone. Get ready because come Monday, you’ll be able to order P’Zones from your local Pizza Hut.

The P’Zone pizza will be available at participating locations across the nation for a suggested price of $5.99. At least, that’s the rumor. Prices may be different, however.


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