Burger King introduces the new BK Café Subscription service that lets you get one cup of coffee per day for just 5 bucks.

The offer is only available via the app, so you must download it if you haven’t done so yet.

When you accept the subscription, Burger King will charge the payment method provided on a monthly basis so you can access the Coffee Subscription benefits.

The subscription allows you to receive one small cup of brewed hot coffee at any participating BK restaurant each day.

The coffee subscription program does not include specialty, iced, frappé and other coffee beverages.

The daily coffee coupon expires every day at 11:59 pm. And, unused daily coffee coupons are “considered forfeited, and will not be refunded or carried over to the next day.”

Also, the service is not valid on delivery orders, and there is a limit of one Coffee Subscription per person.

Sounds good. What do you think?


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