Popeyes Selling New Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich In Classic, Spicy And Blackened Varieties At Select Locations Ahead Of Possible Nationwide Launch


Popeyes is currently selling a new Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich (also available in blackened) at select locations across Connecticut and North Carolina, The Fast Food Post has learned.

According to several sources, including a Popeyes restaurant manager, the latest iteration of the brand’s record-breaking chicken sandwich will be hitting menu across the country on Monday, June 5, 2023.

However, it’s still unclear if all locations of the fried chicken restaurant chain will carry the new sandwich.

The new Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich features a crispy-fried chicken breast filet topped with Havarti cheese, applewood-smoked bacon, two barrel cued pickle slices, and a choice of classic or spicy mayo on buttery toasted brioche bun.

Meanwhile, the Blackened Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich features a breading-free, antibiotic-free, whole chicken breast, marinated for 12 hours, perfectly seasoned with a bold blend of Cajun and Creole spices, and served between two buttery toasted brioche buns with house classic or spicy mayo, Havarti cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and two crunchy barrel-cured pickle slices.

Prices may vary, but TikTok food reviewer FIFFoodie_DA_Chuck picked up the new sandwich at his local Popeyes in North Carolina for $6.49. In addition, they’re also offering a Bacon & Cheese Sandwich Combo meal that comes with a choice of one regular side and a small drink for $9.99, according to the menu board. You can check out Chuck’s review here for his thoughts on the new Bacon and Cheese Chicken Sandwich.

The Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich can be found at participating Popeyes locations in Connecticut and North Carolina for a limited time.

What do you think of this Popeyes chicken sandwich? Do you think that Popeyes should come out with something totally new instead of just reimagining their famed sandwich? Share your thoughts down in the comments!


  1. Happy to hear there’s a blacked chicken sandwich coming back, I wish they’d add it permanently , with or without bacon


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