Potbelly Spins New Oreo Cookie Strawberry Shake


Potbelly offers a sweet new flavor combo with the new Oreo Cookie Strawberry Shake.

The Oreo Cookie Strawberry Shake features a blend of hand-dipped strawberry ice cream and Oreo cookie pieces topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

The shake is available in 10- and 16-ounce sizes for the suggested prices of $2.89 and $3.99, respectively. Prices may vary by location.

In addition to the new milkshake, Potbelly is also offering Pupbelly Whipped Cream for free.

Available for curbside pickup only, Pupbelly Whipped Cream is a fluffy whipped cream treat for your fluffy pooch, which according to the restaurant chain, comes “served in a wide bowl for optimum lickability.”

You can find both the Oreo Cookie Strawberry Shake and the Pupbelly Whipped Cream at participating Potbelly restaurants nationwide for a limited time.


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