Rip’n Chicken Returns To Popeyes As Part Of New $6 Rip’n Chicken Big Box Deal


Popeyes kicks off 2021 with the return of their popular Rip’n Chicken, which will be offered for a limited time as part of a new $6 Rip’n Chicken Big Box deal.

The returning menu item consists of an all-white meat chicken breast filet that’s partially cut into strips so that you can easily pull them apart as you eat.

It’s slow marinated in a blend of Louisiana seasonings before being hand-battered in a crispy southern breading and fried up. And, if things get too hot, a side of buttermilk ranch dipping sauce is served on the side to help you cool down.

This time around, Rip’n Chicken is available as part of a combo where you can get one chicken filet, two regular sides, and sauce for $6. You can also get it as part of a $7 Rip’n Chick’n Big Box that comes with a crispy fried chicken filet, two regular sides, sauce, and a drink, all for just 7 bucks.

Rip’n Chicken is available now at participating Popeyes restaurants nationwide for a limited time.



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