Roy Rogers Welcomes New Beer Battered Cod Sandwich


Roy Rogers welcomes a tasty new seafood option with the introduction of the new Beer Battered Cod Sandwich at participating locations.

The new fish sandwich consists of a quarter-pound natural-cut cod fillet coated in Yuengling-infused batter, topped with melty American cheese and tartar sauce, and served on a corn-dusted Kaiser roll. You can also order portion packs of malt vinegar for an extra burst of flavor.

The sandwich is available on its own for a suggested price of $5.99, and as part of a combo meal that includes a side and a regular-sized fountain beverage for $8.49.

Additionally, Roy Rogers is also offering a platter with two full-sized pieces of battered cod, a small order of fries, and your choice of a second side for $10.99.

Adding Yuengling beer batter to its new sandwich is the latest instance of Roy Rogers including a brand-name ingredient on its menu. Previous releases include the Texas Pete Spicy Chicken Sandwich featuring Texas Pete’s famous hot sauce, a bacon cheeseburger made with Duke’s chipotle ranch sauce, and a Brisket Burger Melt that combined the brand’s juicy cheeseburger with shredded Smithfield brisket.

The new Beer Battered Cod Sandwich is available at participating Roy Rogers restaurants nationwide through April 4, 2021.

Have you tried the new fish sandwich at Roy Rogers? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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