Select McDonald’s Locations Launch 2 McGriddles For $3.50 Deal Featuring The Sausage McGriddle And Chicken McGriddle


Select McDonald’s locations across the country are serving up some breakfast value with the launch of the new 2 McGriddles for $3.50 deal for a limited time.

The deal includes the brand’s popular Sausage and Chicken McGriddles and, as part of it, you can pick one of each or two of the same for the special price of $3.50.

The Sausage McGriddles breakfast sandwich features two soft, warm sweet maple-flavored griddle cakes sandwiching a savory, sizzling hot sausage.

The Chicken McGriddles breakfast sandwich features a savory, crispy, chicken patty sandwiched between two soft, warm McGriddles griddle cakes brushed with real butter.

You can find the Two McGriddles for $3.50 deal at select McDonald’s locations nationwide for a limited time.

Have spotted the new breakfast deal at a McDonald’s near you? If you have, let us know where (so other fans can grab it) down in the comments below!


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