Shake Shack Pours New Concord Grape Punch And New Harvest Berry Lemonade As Part Of 2022 Fall Beverage Lineup


Shake Shack offers three new freshly picked crisp sips made with real fruit juices in celebration of the 2022 fall season.

Fall beverages are available in three new varieties, including Concord Grape Punch, Harvest Berry Lemonade, and Yuzu Orange Cider.

Here’s a closer look at Shake Shack’s 2022 fall beverage lineup:

  • Concord Grape Punch features concord grape juice with rosemary and ginger mixed with the brand’s signature lemonade.
  • Harvest Berry Lemonade consists of tart aronia berry juice, real orange, and bergamot citrus with cinnamon mixed with Shake Shack’s signature lemonade.
  • Yuzu Orange Cider combines the chain’s signature lemonade with real yuzu, orange, and apple juice with cinnamon and ginger.

Shake Shack’s fall beverages can be enjoyed in small and large sizes for a suggested price of $3.99 and $4.89 each (may vary by location). Additionally, you can also order any one of the new seasonal drinks as a Fifty/Fifty – half the fall beverage and half Organic Harney & Son’s black tea.

You can find the all three fall beverages at participating Shake Shack locations nationwide for a limited time.


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