Shoney’s 2 Can Dine For $29.99 Valentine’s Day Deal Includes A Free Hot Fudge Cake


Shoney’s is celebrating Valentine’s Day this year by offering a 2 Can Dine for $29.99 deal at participating locations from Friday, February 11 through Monday, February 14, 2022.

The 2 Can Dine for $29.99 deal allows couples to enjoy Two All You Care To Eat Fresh Food Bars, which feature fan favorites created from original recipes by the brand’s team of culinary experts, including freshly prepared entrées, seafood, sides, salads, fresh fruits, vegetables, soups and more.

The customizable meals will also include a free shareable dessert: Shoney’s signature Hot Fudge Cake, which features vanilla ice cream sandwiched between freshly baked layers of brand’s famous chocolate cake, covered in hot fudge sauce, whipped topping and a cherry.

For singles, Shoney’s will be offering the same deal for $14.99, and it also includes a free Hot Fudge Cake, of course.


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