Slim Chickens Intros New Memphis Style BBQ Chicken Sandwich


Slim Chickens expands its craft sandwich lineup with the introduction of the new Memphis Style BBQ Chicken Sandwich.

The Memphis Style BBQ Chicken Sandwich features a fried chicken breast, shaken in tangy BBQ sauce, topped with creamy coleslaw and layered with fresh pickles on a toasted brioche bun.

It’s available a la carte for $5.59 (560 calories) or as part of a Memphis Style BBQ Sandwich Meal that also includes a drink and your choice of one side, with prices starting at $8.59 (may vary).

In addition to the new chicken sandwich, select Slim Chickens locations are offering a new Red Velvet Oreo Shake that combines Oreo cookies and Red Velvet flavors into one smooth hand-spun treat.

The Red Velvet Oreo Shake has 630 calories and costs $3.99, although prices may vary with location.

You can find the new Memphis Style BBQ Chicken Sandwich at participating Slim Chickens restaurants nationwide for a limited time.


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