Smoothie King Reveals New Metabolism Boost Banana Passion Fruit Smoothie


Smoothie King looks to expand its Metabolism Boost Smoothie lineup with the introduction of the new Metabolism Boost Banana Passion Fruit Smoothie.

The Metabolism Boost Banana Passion Fruit Smoothie is made with bananas, papaya juice blend, pear passionfruit juice blend, vanilla Gladiator Protein, metabolism boost enhancer, protein blend, and fiber blend enhancer.

Made with whole, real bananas, the new smoothie contains naturally derived caffeine, 0g of added sugars, and no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors.

Additionally, from December 29 through January 2, 2021 Smoothie King is inviting fans to share at least one wellness goal they have for 2021 in exchange for a free 12-ounce Metabolism Boost smoothie, which will be redeemable through January 7 with the chain’s Health Rewards app.

It’s worth noting that the first 50 fans to participate will receive free smoothies for an entire year. If you’re interested, you can begin submitting your goals at 9 a.m. on December 29 at


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