Smoothie King Whips Up New Immune Builder Orange Smoothie


Smoothie King offers a new way to boost up your immune system with the introduction of the new Immune Builder Orange Smoothie starting November 4, 2021.

The new smoothie is rich in immune-supporting antioxidants such as vitamin C, selenium, zinc, and vitamins A and E, so you can easily and deliciously get the nutrients you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

The Immune Builder Orange Smoothie features a combination of Florida Valencia Orange juice blend, apple pineapple juice blend, bananas, mangoes, and a proprietary Immune Support Enhancer.

To celebrate the launch, Smoothie King will be offering a free 12-ounce Immune Builder Orange blend from Tuesday, November 2 through Thursday, November 4, 2021 via the Healthy Rewards app.

The Immune Builder Orange Smoothie will be available at participating Smoothie King locations nationwide for a limited time only through the holiday season.


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