Sonic Launches New $3.99 Grilled Cheese Double Burger And Tots (Or Fries) Deal


Sonic looks to up the ante on value with the introduction of the new $3.99 Grilled Cheese Double Burger and Tots (or Fries) deal at participating locations.

As part of the deal, you can get a Grilled Cheese Double Burger, plus an order of small tots or fries for a suggested price of just $3.99.

The Grilled Cheese Double Burger includes two seasoned Jr. beef patties, three slices of American cheese, ketchup, mustard, and diced onions served between two slices of buttery Texas toast.

Sonic’s Tots feature crispy tots fried to golden brown perfection and lightly seasoned with a pinch of salt.

Made from whole Russet Potatoes, the brand’s Fries feature slices of natural-cut, skin-on potatoes deep-fried until golden brown and lightly seasoned with salt.

The new $3.99 Grilled Cheese Double Burger and Tots (or Fries) deal is available in-store, online, and through the Sonic app at participating locations nationwide for a limited time.


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