Sonic Launches New Zero Sugar, Low-Calorie Singles-To-Go Drink Mixes At Retailers Nationwide


Sonic is launching a new line of zero sugar, low-calorie drink mixes in three iconic flavors, including the brand’s popular Cherry Limeade, Ocean Water, and Strawberry Lemonade.

The new Singles-To-Go Drink Mixes are meant to give fans easier access to the flavors they and love when they’re unable to visit one of the chain’s more than 3,500 locations.

Each box comes with comes with six easy-to-use stick packs that can be mixed into a standard, 16.9-ounce-size water bottle, making them the perfect option for on-the-go moments.

Sonic’s zero sugar, low-calorie drink mixes will be available at HEB and select Walmart locations starting this fall, and at participating Dollar General stores in February 2022. More retailers will be announced in the coming months.


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